Our office is located in charming downtown Vancouver Washington



Located at: Flourish a SPACE for Dimensional Healing

300 E. 24th Street. Vancouver, Washington 98663

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We are a Multi-practitioner office providing the following:

  1. Physical Therapy

  2. Cranisacral Therapy

  3. Allergy elimination with NAET         

  4. BioSET Therapy

  5. Reiki and Accunect

  6. Traditional Chinese Medicine 

  7. Acupuncture

  8. Chinese Herbs

  9. Essential Oils for healing

  10. Homeopathy

  11. Sport Therapy Massage

  12. Relaxation Massage

  13. Sound Healing

  14. Community Education

We have worked extensively in Vancouver and we are knowledgeable about our Medical community.  We know many of the best medical providers in the area and can help direct you to great practitioners and specialists when needed.

We hope to provide you with an integrative and holistic experience to Physical Therapy and healing in a setting where a caring attitude and environment prevail.

Appointments: 360-798-7625



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                    Rejuvenance Therapy
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