Sarah’s gentle caring attitude and hands on approach to Physical Therapy is a synthesis of her personal journey and training in several modalities in orthopedic manual therapy. Treatments are customized and designed to your specific health and healing needs. At Rejuvenance Therapy, I provide one on one physical therapy treatments.

Physical Therapy Services:

  1. Orthopedic rehab

  2. Spine rehab

  3. Pre and post operative care

  4. Ergonomics

  5. Sport and activity specific rehab

  6. Taping

  7. Footwear assessment

  8. Gait analysis

  9. CranioSacral therapy

Alternative & Complimentary therapies include:

  1. NAET

  2. BioSET,

  3. Accunect and

  4. Reiki

My years of experience and knowledge gained practicing in multiple large orthopedic, industrial rehab and sports therapy clinics, coupled with with my practical holistic approach to healing allows me to consistently provide patients with great outcomes, even in complex cases.

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Benefits of Physical Therapy

  1. Relieves stress in muscles and joints

  2. Improves energy

  3. Alleviates pain

  4. Restores movement

  5. Facilitate healing and overall health

  6. Improves joint nutrition

  7. Improves function in daily activities

  8. Facilitates return to sport or desired activity level

Benefits of NAET

  1. Desensitization to food or seasonal allergies and sensitivities

  2. Alleviates pain

  3. Improves energy

  4. Improve immune system

  5. Optimal for most food and seasonal allergies

  6. Is a method of straightforward “De-cluttering” the body from its learned illness behaviors.

  7. Requires 25 hours of avoidance and diet restrictions after each visit

  8. Shorter visit time and more affordable than BioSET

Benefits of Accunect and Reiki

  1. Improves overall energy

  2. Facilitates improvement in overall balance of the body and its systems.

  3. Addresses the body from a Five Element theory perspective.

  4. Improves Meridian function and patterns.

  5. Distance Healing

Benefits of BioSET

  1. Desensitizes to allergies and sensitivities

  2. Immune system healing or detoxification.

  3. Optimal for desensitization for Autoimmune Illness like Lyme where you cannot follow 25 hour avoidance diet as required with NAET

  4. Is a method of detailed “De-cluttering” the body from its learned illness behaviors or reactions.

  5. No post visit avoidance or diet restrictions required.

  6. Requires more office visit time thus is more costly than NAET

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